Meet The Bridal Consultants

Maureen P

Hi, I’m Maureen. I was born into an old Pensacola Family. Growing up I always took on the “Boss Role”. That role continued into my career life even though I didn’t seek it out. I passed that role down to my daughter + son. In 2002 my son wanted me to retire from my corporate job and purchase a Bridal Shop. I had a loving and very supportive husband to help me- and it has been my love ever since!! It is my life, not a job. The happiness of our brides is what it is all about. I have a huge family with eight grandchildren and three great grandchildren. I love gathering together with my family at a cookout and playing games. I enjoy being there for all of my family and I love being apart of their life. Planting flowers is one of my favorite things to do. I love to work in the yard and make it beautiful.

Everyday Style: Sassy
Favorite Coffee Order: Caramel Ribbon Crunch
Favorite Wedding Trend: Non Traditional/ Modern
Guilty Pleasure: Online Shopping
Favorite Bridal Look: Whimsical
Favorite Flower: Hibiscus
Favorite Vacay Spot: A cruise
Fun Fact: I love to garden
Favorite Designer: Maggie Sottero



Madison S

Hi, I’m Madison! I was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida but in July of 2019, My husband and I moved to Pensacola because of a job opportunity for him. We have loved every minute of it! From the incredible downtown to the beautiful beaches, we’ve found our perfect spot! I have a passion for fashion, so much so that I owned a clothing boutique for 8 years! I’m excited to expand my love of fashion to the bridal industry. In 2014 I married my high school sweetheart, Justin. We have three dogs, Millie, Daisy + Lainey Kate and two cats, Sadie + Sparkle Kitty. I am a lover of all things pink, bright and cheerful! This job is so fun and rewarding + I love our brides SO much! My job as a Bridal Consultant is so much more than just helping your find your wedding dress. I want to make you feel BEAUTIFUL on your big day and I will do everything I can to do just that.

Everyday Style: Bright + girly
Favorite Coffee Order: Sugar free cold brew
Favorite Wedding Trend: Bright Florals
Guilty Pleasure: Shopping! I love a good retail therapy day.
Favorite Bridal Look: Lace ballgowns
Favorite Flower: Hydrangeas
Favorite Vacay Spot: 30A
Fun Fact: I started a clothing boutique as a high school project when I was 15 and sold it to move to Pensacola when I was 24!
Favorite Designer: Maggie Sottero



Leigh G

I’m a true Southern Girl at heart. Born in Mississippi but raised in Pensacola with family in both states. I married a 13 generation Pensacolian in 2006 who introduced me into the bridal business. My husband runs Gents Formal Wear located next to us while my mother-in-law, Maureen and I run and operate the Bridal Suite. When I wasn’t helping build our business I was building my family. I’m a mom of three and a dog mom of four (two Yorkies and two Dobermans). I have been beyond blessed to have had the opportunity to serve Pensacola’s brides during the most exciting part of their lives. Thank you to all my past, present, and future brides. I love you all! ❤️

Everyday Style: Cozy
Favorite Coffee Order: Boho
Favorite Wedding Trend: Chocolate
Guilty Pleasure: Dots + Shimmer fabric
Favorite Bridal Look:  Gerber Daisy
Favorite Flower: St. Martin
Favorite Vacay Spot: I have Goats, Chickens + a Pig
Favorite Designer: Maggie Sottero



Madeleine W

Hi, I’m Madeleine! I was born and raised here in Pensacola. I graduated from West Florida High, completing the Bio-Med Academy. I started working at Twilight division my senior year, then moved to Gents Formal Wear until I was able to work at Bridal. I would love to have my own shop one day, and I enjoy learning from Maureen and Leigh! I spend my free time sewing, painting, and with my long-term boyfriend, Hunter. We go to the gym, parks, and the beach! We have a cat named bear together, and she loves playing fetch. I love plants, anything green, crystals, and earthy vibes! One of my goals is to get into the design aspect of the Bridal Industry. This job has opened my eyes to the Beautiful world of Bridal! 🤍

Everyday Style: Earthy
Favorite Coffee Order: Detachable items
Favorite Wedding Trend: Ignoring my phone
Guilty Pleasure: Depends on the bride
Favorite Bridal Look:  Orchid
Favorite Flower: Ashville, NC
Favorite Vacay Spot: I have had two heart surgeries
Favorite Designer: Casablanca